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Combination Classroom/Laboratory - Divided Room Size 30' X 40' 1,200 sq. ft.

  • Clearly defines laboratory area from classroom area.
  • Students are easily supervised in the laboratory area. Teacher only needs to stand in the middle of the lab and rotate 360° to see all student activity. Teacher standing in the center of the room can easily observe and supervise student activity
  • Only 1/3 of all the students have their backs to one another. Safety is improved as accidental bumping is greatly reduced.
  • No "bottlenecks" allows for excellent traffic flow and quick access to safety equipment. Plenty of storage space along the perimeter of the room and at each workstation.
Chart 2_300W
  Combination Classroom/Laboratory - Divided
  Click here for an enlarged copy of this floor plan
   LabDesign 1 8' Instructor's Demonstration Table    LabDesign 3 48" Base Cabinet with Epoxy Top
   LabDesign 2 Perimeter Workstation    LabDesign 4 48" Fume Hood with Base Cabinet

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