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Best Practices for Teaching Chemistry

Join us as we present exciting and interactive demonstrations, show video clips, and demonstrate the features and benefits of our new, comprehensive Teaching Chemistry™ professional development program. Imagine the opportunity to learn best practices from 20 award-winning master teachers as they carry out their favorite experiments, demonstrations, and chemistry lab activities. You can! The activities in the online Flinn Scientific Teaching Chemistry eLearning Video Series will have a major impact on the way you teach chemistry as the presenters share the inspiration, stories and strategies that have proven successful in their classrooms. Discover how each 40-minute video will help you build content knowledge and improve your pedagogical skills and confidence! Handouts provided for all lab activities.

Presented by: Irene Cesa

Videos from the Workshop are located below the handouts on this page.


Best Practices for Teaching Chemistry PowerPoint Slides
View, Print, or Download a copy of the PowerPoint slides that were presented at our Best Practices for Teaching Chemistry workshop.
Best Practices for Teaching Chemistry - Workshop Handout
View, Print, or Download a copy of the workshop handout from our Best Practices for Teaching chemistry Workshop. 6 exciting Demonstrations are included.
Using the Teaching Chemistry Video Series to Become a Great Teacher
Irene Cesa addresses the key highlights of our Teaching Chemistry Video Series, and explains how this new and innovative form of professional development will benefit you. Learn best practices from 20 master teachers all from the comfort of your home or classroom.
Whoosh Bottle: Demonstration and Safety
Watch as the Whoosh Bottle demonstration is performed and several key safety topics about this activity are discussed.
Orange Juice to Strawberry Float
Some demonstrations you do just because they are fun. This is one of then. A colorful acid base indicator demonstration that will grab the attention of all your students.
Sudsy Kinetics
Use the classic Old Foamey/Elephant Toothpaste demonstration during your unit on kinetics. Watch Irene Cesa and Scott Stahler explain how this is done.
Safe Swimming with Sodium
This demonstration will effectively and safely show your students the reaction of sodium metal with water.
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