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Fantastic Physical Science Demonstrations

Amaze your students with quick demonstrations that teach common physical science topics- sound, color dynamics, energy, pressure, density, rotation, and scientific inquiry. Over a dozen effective demonstrations will be performed.

Presented by: Janet Hoekenga

Videos from the Workshop are located below the handouts on this page.


Fantastic Physical Science Demonstrations - Workshop Handout
View, Print, or Download a copy of the workshop handout from our Fantastic Physical Science Demonstrations workshop. 15 exciting Demonstrations are included.
Bottle Balance Beam
A fun demonstration for showing center of gravity. Amaze your students as you get a full 2 liter bottle to balance on an angled piece of wood.
Bottomless Bottle
Use this old parlor trick to teach about the incompressibility of liquids and Pascal’s law of equal pressure.
Breaking Board Paradox
Can a single sheet of paper hold a board that is struck with a hammer on the edge of a table? Demonstrate the tremendous force of air pressure.
Gyroscope Bicycle Wheel
Why is a moving bicycle much more stable than one that is stopped? The answer lies in the momentum of the wheels. The following activities can be used to demonstrate the properties of a rotating bicycle wheel (or a gyroscope).
Pressure Demonstrations
Watch three classic pressure demonstrations including the collapsing can.
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