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Integrate STEM Into Your Existing Curriculum

No need to revise your entire curriculum. We have hundreds of student activities and products with STEM applications in physical, earth, and life science. Use our labs and products to reinforce the Science and Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards. Flinn's student lab kits actively engage students in scientific inquiry, which leads to a greater understanding of crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas. 

See some of the STEM related products Flinn has for the following categories. 

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View and Print the four sample STEM activities below, or call Flinn for even more STEM activity ideas.    

Rubber Band Cannon
What determines how far a cannonball will fly? How does the launch angle of a cannon affect its range? Explore some of the variables that influence projectile motion using a Rubber Band Cannon.
Build Your Own Simple DC Motor
Motors are the fundamental driving force of the modern world. It is a very rare occasion when you do not see or use the action of a motor during your daily life. So how do they work? With this activity, you will build your own simple DC motor.
Build a Spectroscope
A spectroscope is a device for forming and observing the spectrum of colors of visible light. A spectrum is produced when light from any source is bent or dispersed. In this activity, students use common household materials and a holographic diffraction grating to build a simple, working spectroscope.
Soda Can Calorimeter
Have you ever noticed the nutrition label located on the packaging of the food you buy? One of the first things listed on the label are the calories per serving. How is the calorie content of food determined? This activity will introduce the concept of calorimetry and investigate the caloric content of snack foods.
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