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What do I need to get started in model rocketry?

If this is your first experience with model rockets, we recommend that you purchase the Alpha III Rocket Starter Set (AP7389). This kit comes complete with the Launch Pad (AP5709), Electron Beam Launch Controller (AP5708), and Alpha III Rocket. Engines are sold separately. Additional supplies that are needed are four AA batteries for the launch controller and white glue for the rocket assembly. Paint supplies are not needed for this rocket.

If you decide to purchase all the materials separately, you will need one (1) Electron Beam Launch Controller (AP5708), one (1) Launch Pad (AP5709) and four (4) AA batteries (AP1423) for the launch controller. Any rocket can be launched with this launch pad and controller. However, the rockets ARE NOT supplied with rocket engines. You will need to purchase the appropriate rocket engines separately. The rocket engine sizes that fit each rocket sold by Flinn Scientific are listed in theFlinn Catalog/Reference Manual. Rocket engine igniters are supplied with the rocket engines and do not need to be purchased separately. However, you will need to purchase Recovery Wadding (AP4817). One package of Recovery Wadding contains enough wadding for 25 rocket launches.

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