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Flinn Scientific's flammables cabinets are made of wood. Won't wood burn?

A flammables cabinet constructed of one-inch, 9-ply plywood like those manufactured by Flinn/SciMatCo will hold up in a fire just as well or better than a metal flammables cabinet. Our flammables cabinets will not distort or bend when involved in a fire. The only way for the fire to get inside our cabinets is to burn all the way through the one-inch thick plywood. This will take hours at very high temperatures.

The purpose of a flammables cabinet is to protect the flammable contents from flame and heat. The one-inch, 9-ply plywood Flinn/SciMatCo cabinet is a wonderful thermal insulator. While a fire's temperature will reach 2,000 °F, the inside temperature of our wooden flammables cabinet will seldom ever exceed 100 °F. Wooden cabinets keep their contents cooler longer. This is especially important since most organic glass bottles will break at 240 °F. The unique construction materials, design, and thermal insulation qualities of Flinn/SciMatCo flammables cabinets will provide first class fire protection for your school. All Flinn/SciMatCo cabinets are manufactured to meet and exceed OSHA and NFPA specifications for wooden flammables cabinets.

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