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Safety Resources

Safety Data Sheets
Flinn has SDS available online.
Mercury in Schools
The University of Wisconsin's Extensions Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center's (SHWEC) web site on mercury in schools. The site contains information on mercury sources, health advisories, and reduction programs. The site also has a link to the Federal EPA's mercury page.
Safe Science Series–National Science Education Leadership Association
A series of safety articles written by Dr. Ken Roy, Director of Environmental Health & Safety for Glastonbury Public Schools in Glastonbury, CT. Articles are dedicated to the improvement of safety in the science classroom.
Science and Safety Consulting Services (S&SCS)
S&SCS is available to provide safety professional development and leadership for school systems to build a sustainable science safety program in all states. They also provide expertise and training that help North Carolina school systems meet the requirements of the North Carolina Board of Education Policy HSP-F-017.
Laboratory Safety Institute
This site offers a variety of safety information and services including safety training programs for secondary level science teachers.
Enviro-Health Links
Contains links to information from the National Library of Medicine for academic and school laboratories, including resources for handling chemical, biological, and nanotechnology safely. Also includes links to regulations and policy, hazard analysis, MSDS, and waste management.

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