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Red, White and Blue

Something exciting will happen every day in chemistry!

Ammonium Hydroxide, 1.0 Molar, Gramolpak
HAZARD ALERT: Both liquid and vapor are extremely irritating—especially to eyes. Dispense in a hood and be sure an eyewash is accessible. Moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation. Serious respiratory hazard. LD50 350 mg/kg. Storage: Inorganic #4 ...
Copper(II) Sulfate Solution, 1 M, 500 mL
HAZARD ALERT: Slightly toxic by ingestion. Storage: Inorganic #2 Disposal: #26b Shelf Life: Good Color: Blue/green Odor: None
Isopropyl Alcohol, 70%, Laboratory Grade, 500 mL
HAZARD ALERT: Moderate fire risk; flammable liquid; slightly toxic by ingestion and inhalation. Storage: Organic #2 in a dedicated flammables cabinet. If a flammables cabinet is not available, store in a Flinn Saf-Stor™ Can. Disposal: #18a Shel...
Magnesium Sulfate, Laboratory Grade, 500 g
HAZARD ALERT: Irritates eyes and respiratory tract. Storage: Inorganic #2 Disposal: #26a Shelf Life: Poor; substance hygroscopic. Soluble: Water and glycerin; slightly in alcohol. Color: Colorless Odor: None CAS No. 10034-99-8
Butane Safety Lighter
A safety must! Eliminate the need for endless supplies of matches and the burned fingers that accompany their use. Produce a flame to light burners, candles, splints, or anything else with just the click of a button. Unlike conventional lighters, fla...
Rubber Stoppers, 1 lb, Size #10, Black, Solid
Safety Shield, 30" X 16"
Great and necessary safety aid to protect students or observers from dangerous demonstrations. Made of thick polycarbonate plastic. The clear shield attaches to a heavy steel base. Bent design provides good containment of fragments and splashes. Poly...
Phenol Red Indicator Solution, 100 mL
Storage: Organic #9 Disposal: #26b Shelf Life: Good Color: Red Odor: None
Whoosh Bottle - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Wow your students with a whoosh! Students just love to see the blue alcohol flame shoot out of the mouth of the bottle and watch yellow dancing flames pulsate in the jug as more air is drawn in. Use this exciting demonstration to teach combustion rea...
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