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Science Solutions Matter (PDF)

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2021 - Aug 1 - Meeting Request - ESSER ARP Funds to Advance Science & STEM Education (PDF)

2020 - 2021 COVID 19 Science Classroom Safety Considerations

2018 - Aug 1 - Science Solutions Matter (PDF)

2018 - Jan 1 - California NGSS Transition - Request Your Custom District Proposal (PDF)
2017 - Aug 1 - Proposal for Laboratory Safety and Responsible Chemical Management (PDF)

California NGSS*

The following lists represent the recommended minimum laboratory equipment, supplies, and related inventory required in order for a district to support and deliver standards-based instruction in science, grades K-12. The recommended inventories represent the materials that would be required for effective implementation of the California Next Generation Science Standards.

California NGSS* Purchase Guides

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2021 Science Essentials Purchase Guide    PDF

2020 Science Essentials Purchase Guide    PDF    Excel

Sole Source Documentation of Proprietary and Exclusive Products

101 102 Advantages of Using the Flinn Purchase Guide (PDF)

Flinn PPE Purchase Guide & Order Form - 2020

360Science Comprehensive Blended-Learning Solution - Sample Storylines

Flinn News for Science Leaders

Flinn PSA - Science Leaders News - Summer 2021 - PDF    PPT

Flinn PSA - Science Leaders News - Spring 2021 - PDF    PPT

Flinn Resources & Science Education Solutions & Services

Online Chemventory
 - Help manage your chemicals and compliance

Lab Safety Course - Free certificated online course

FlinnPREP - Online Student AP* Science Preparation

UDesign - Free online space planner to create preliminary proposals for new or renovated Science and STEM learning spaces.

Best Practices for Teaching Chemistry - Free online professional development for chemistry teachers

Onsite Lab Safety Inspections - 200-point lab inspection software

Standardized Ordering - Free Consultation for ordering efficiencies

Grant Writing Resources - Contact Tom for Free resources

Updated Equipment - 3-year Upgrade Proposal for science programs

New School Planning Resources - Contact Tom for Free resources

AP® Course Alignment Guide

District Science Leaders Letter - Districtwide Ordering - March 31, 2020

2021 Flinn’s STEM Digital Learning Solutions   Brochure   Price List   Proposal

Whitebox Learning Sellsheet



Whitebox Learning Proposal Template

FS Toms Sales Support

Science Funding Inventory Workbook

Federal ESSER Relief-Funding Alignment Documents

TX - Texas ESSER Relief-Funding Alignment Documents   WORD  PDF

NJ - New Jersey ESSER Relief-Funding Alignment Documents   

Science Safety Guidance Documents

NT - COSSS Science Safety Guidance Documents    COSSS    FLINN

Science & Safety - Making the Connection (CSSS-2002)

Science & Safety - It's Elementary (CSSS-2002)

COVID-19 Science Classroom Safety Guidelines (Flinn-2020)

COVID-19 Science Classroom Safety Guidelines & Learning Solutions (Flinn-2020)

State Specific Science Resources


Arizona Department of Education 

Arizona Science Teacher Association 

Arizona Next Generation Science Standards 

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality - Schools Chemical Management Toolkit



California Department of Education 

California Science Teachers Association 

California Next Generation Science Standards 

California AAV Educational Specifications 

Science Safety Handbook for California Public Schools


Colorado Department of Education 

Colorado Association of Science Teachers 

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - Guidance Document for the School Laboratory Self-Certification Checklist 

Rules and Regulations Governing Schools in the State of Colorado 

Denver Public Schools Open Educational Resources 

Colorado Science Education Network 

Colorado Science Pricing Agreements


Florida Department of Education 

Florida Association of State Science Supervisors 

Florida Association of Science Teachers 

Florida Next Generation Science Standards 

Florida Department of Education Career & Adult Education 

Florida Department of Environmental Protection - School Chemical Clean out Campaign (SC3) 




Georgia Department of Education 

Georgia Science Supervisors Association 

Georgia Science Teachers Association 

Georgia Next Generation Science Standards



Iowa Department of Education 

Iowa Science Teaching Section 

Iowa Next Generation Science Standards 

Iowa Area Education Agencies Purchasing Science and Math Discount Program



Kansas Department of Education 

Kansas Association of Teachers of Science 

Kansas Next Generation Science Standards 



Maryland Department of Education 

Maryland Association of Science Teachers 

Maryland Next Generation Science Standards 

Maryland Science Facilities Guidelines 

Maryland State Curriculum 

Maryland Science Safety Manual



Missouri Department of Education 

Science Teachers of Missouri 

Missouri Interface A & B



Nebraska Department of Edcuation 

Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science 

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality



Oklahoma Departmnet of Education

Oklahoma Science Teachers Association 

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality 

Oklahoma Math and Science Partnership Grant



TSELA Workshop Presentation

Texas Department of Education 

Texas Science Education Leadership Association 

Science Teachers Association of Texas 

Texas Science Safety 

Science TEKS Toolkit

Texas Science Facilities Standards

Texas Science Safety Standards



Utah Department of Education 

Utah Science Teachers Association 

Utah Science Open Educational Resources



VSELA Workshop Presentation

Virginia Department of Education 

Virginia Science Education Leadership Association 

Virginia Association of Science Teachers 

Guidelines for School Facilities in Virginia's Public Schools 

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education - Safety in Science Teaching 



Council of State Science Supervisors 

National Science Education Leadership Association 

National Science Teachers Association 

Next Generation Science Standards 

School Science Facilities Planner 

NSTA Books & Resources - Safety in the Science Classroom 

School Chemistry Laboratory Safety Guide 

Open Education Resources State Policy in K-12 Education 

Lab Plan 

United States Environmental Protection Agency - Chemicals Under the Toxic Substances Control Act 

United States Environmental Protection Agency - Schools: Resources for Safe Chemical Management 

Open Education Resources Project 

National Association of Biology Teachers 

American Chemical Society - Chemical Safety for Science Teachers and Their Supervisors 

Americal Association of Physics Teachers 

State of the States: Open Educational Resources in K-12 Education


Community College 

United States Community Colleges 

Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium (2YC3)


CTLCC Learning Resources  

Customer Testimonial - Debbie Reeder from Anne Arundel Community College