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Acetamide, Reagent, 500 g

Item #: A0003

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Hazard Alert

Possible carcinogen; otherwise low toxicity. Practice strict hygiene in the use of this material. Use gloves, hood. Safety Purchase Suggestion: This substance is commonly used in melting point determinations. Teachers and students save valuable time using our unique, pre-melted product package (Catalog No. A0269). Each Pyrex® tube contains 15 grams of ready-to-use acetamide, which reduces exposure to this carcinogen. The tubes can be reused many times.

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Product Details

Organic #2 only in a protective bag or can.
Shelf Life:
Poor; deliquescent; store in Flinn Chem-Saf™ Bag.
Water and alcohol
Mousy, musty
CAS No.:
Technical Note:
This substance is commonly used in enthalpy (heat of fusion) experiments to determine the amount of heat that a substance has at a given temperature and pressure. The heat of fusion of acetamide is 266 joules per gram.