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Hazard Alert

Known carcinogen. Very strong oxidizing agent; dangerous fire risk; dusts and solutions are toxic; irritant to eyes and skin. Possible reproductive/fertility hazard. 
Special Hazard Alert: The experiment or demonstration is a popular use of ammonium dichromate. When heated to decomposition, ammonium dichromate produces nitrogen, water and chromium(III) oxide. Chromium compounds are known carcinogens. Because of this risk, the demonstration should be conducted under a well-ventilated hood or outdoors. This demonstration should never be done in a closed, poorly ventilated room. Strict hygiene should be observed before and after the combustion.

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Product Details

Inorganic #8
Shelf Life:
Fair; decomposes with slight heating; keep away from all organic materials.
Water and alcohol.
CAS No.:
Technical Note:
Incompatibility: Reducing agents, such as powdered metals, form an explosive mixture with magnesium metal powder. Avoid contact with oxidizable (flammable) organic compounds.