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With the K'NEX Amusement Park Experience Kit for physical science and physics, build and experiment with real-world amusement park rides and gain a deeper understanding of Newton's Laws, gear ratios, pendulums and momentum.

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Product Details

Students become theme-park engineers! As they build and experiment with real-world amusement park rides, students will gain a better understanding ofNewton’s laws, gear ratios, pendulums and momentum. Rides that can be constructed include a roller coaster, carousel, Ferris wheel, a classic pendulum pirate ship, scrambler, swing and boom rides, plus ramps and half pipes. For many of these rides, students may already have first-hand experience. Now, they can get an up-close look at how these rides actually work. One roller coaster and one other model can be built at a time. Any two smaller structures can be built simultaneously. Each kit includes enough materials for two groups of four students, or up to 8 students, and a 90-page inquiry-based teacher’s guide. 2235 pieces packaged in two durable plastic storage tubs.