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Animal Cell Poster

Item #: FB1584

Price: $26.15

Animal Cell Poster for biology and life science is a laminated poster of a drawing of a typical animal cell but at 50,000 times its normal size.

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Product Details

An excellent dissection alternative. Two very large bullfrogs (one male/one female) have been carefully dissected and preserved for easy observation and study. The internal body organs can be examined from the ventral surface. Colored latex has been injected to identify the circulatory vessels and to highlight some of the internal organs served by these vessels. On the reverse side the dorsal surface of both frogs are visible. The skin has been removed to allow study of the muscles and subcutaneous tissues.The dissected frogs have been molded and sealed in a transparent, safe-to-handle, liquid-filled, 12 3/4"x 9" plastic tray. Included are a comprehensive teacher's guide, student study guide, master transparency identifying major internal organs, and a test overlay transparency.