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Atmosphere and Weather

Authors: Karen Kwitter and Steven Souza

Item #: AP6343

Price: $27.00

Atmosphere, Weather and Meteorology Activity Book for Earth science contains 19 enlightening activities to investigate why there is weather, the motion and compostion of air, and more.

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Product Details

Hands-On Science Series- Earth Science Earth Science comes alive in your classroom with these hands-on activity books. Scientific inquiry, observation and critical thinking skills are taught while students learn the fundamentals of Earth science. Student activity pages are reproducible for the entire class, and include insightful background information and follow-up questions. Teacher pages provide procedure tips, materials list, and grading assessment suggestions. All books conform to National Science Education Standards. Atmosphere and Weather Contains 19 enlightening activities for students to investigate why there is weather, the motion and composition of air, cloud formations, lightning, seasons, climate, the greenhouse effect, and weather maps. 1998, 90 pages, soft cover.