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Atomic and Molecular Structure

Atomic and Electron Structure / Light, Energy, and Electron Structure
Wave Generator    Video    PDF
Energy in Photons   Video  PDF
Atomic Emission Spectra   Video  PDF   
Absorption of Light Energy   Video  PDF   

Atomic and Electron Structure / Solving the Structure of the Atom
What's in that Tube?    Video   PDF
Rutherford Scattering    Video   PDF 
Atomic Target Practice    Video   PDF
Refrigerator Magnet Analogy of Scanning Probe Microscopy    Video   PDF

Atomic and Electron Structure / Isotopes and Atomic Mass
Ropes and Isotopes    Video   PDF 
Mass Spectrometry    Video   PDF
Average or Apparent Mass of an Element    Video   PDF

Atomic and Electron Structure / Flame Tests
Flame Tests for Unknowns    Video   PDF 
Flame Test Demonstrations    Video   PDF 
Methyl Alcohol Flame Test   Video   PDF 
Is There Sodium in Bananas  Video   PDF 
The Hungry Dragon   Video   PDF 

Atomic and Electron Structure / Electron Configuration
The Atom Dazer    Video   PDF 
Orbital Chart Overhead    Video   PDF 
A 3-D Aufbau Diagram    Video   PDF 
Paramagnetic Transition Metal Ions    Video   PDF 
Standing Wave Generator    Video    PDF 

Periodic Table / Periodic Trends and the Properties of Elements
Periodic Activity of Metals    Video   PDF 
Active Metals in the Periodic Table    Video   PDF 

Periodic Table / Periodic Table Demonstrations and Activities
Paramagnetic Transition Metal Ions    Video   PDF 
Solubility Patterns in the Periodic Table    Video   PDF 
Making Glass   Video   PDF 

Chemical Bonding / Polar vs. Nonpolar Compounds
Density Bottles   Video   PDF 
Graphite Disk Demonstration    Video   PDF 
Dyes and Dyeing   Video   PDF
Polar and Nonpolar Molecules   Video   PDF

Chemical Bonding / Covalent, Ionic and Metallic Bonding
Electronegativity Demonstration Device    Video   PDF    
Putting Ions in Their Hands    Video   PDF
Heat Treatment of Steel    Video   PDF 
Models to Illustrate Ionic and Metallic Solids    Video   PDF 
Colorful Copper Compounds    Video   PDF  

Chemical Bonding / Intermolecular Forces
Viscosity Race    Video   PDF 
Evaporation and Intermolecular Attractions    Video   PDF 
Anti-Bubbles    Video   PDF
Bonding Bottles   Video   PDF
Floating Clip   Video   PDF

Chemical Bonding / Hydrogen Bonding
Volumes Don't Always Add Up    Video   PDF 
Soap Film Demonstrations    Video   PDF 
The Magic Air Bubble    Video   PDF
Spoons, Newspaper, and Hydrogen Bonding   Video   PDF

Chemical Bonding / Molecular Geometry
Simple Structures    Video   PDF 
Bonding and Balloons Lab    Video   PDF
Shapes of Carbon Compounds    Video   PDF 

Chemical Bonding / Transition to Metal Complex Ions
The Mellow-Yellow Reaction    Video   PDF 
A "Dry" Complex    Video   PDF 
Colorful Iron Complexes    Video   PDF 

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