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Bessbugs, also known as patent-leather beetles, are horned and slow-moving beetles that exhibit complete metamorphosis. They can pull over 100 times their weight.

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Maintain bessbugs in moist unbleached paper towels and untreated, slightly rotted oak or elm wood in a bucket or terrarium. Keep their habitat out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating. Adults can live up to a year. Ages of shipped specimens vary.

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Product Details

Also known as patent-leather beetles, Betsy bugs and horned beetles, these slow-moving beetles exhibit complete metamorphosis, subsocial colony behavior and even feed their larva predigested wood. These amazing specimens are also able to pull 100 times their weight! Adults can produce different sounds by rubbing their wings against their bodies; 14 sounds are known, and the most common is a small squeak. May not be available in July and August. A state permit is required to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.