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A Guide for Flinn MicroscopesAdvancedColor-corrected OpticsFlinn Advanced CompoundMicroscopes• Four model choices• Monocular or binocular• Digital options• Pages 4–5Plan OpticsFlinn Advanced ResearchMicroscope• Koehler illumination•  Infinity Plan optics•  Binocular•  Page 3Flinn Advanced Superior CompoundMicroscopes• Two model choices•  Monocular with 3 objectives•  Binocular with 4 objectives•  Page 6Economy & CompactFlinn Basic Microscope• Coarse focus only• One fixed eyepiece•  Page 7Flinn Economy Compound Microscopes• Five options• Stage clips or mechanical stage• Dual monocular head available• Digital option available•  Page 9Flinn Compact Microscopes• Coaxial coarse and fine focus• Two interchangeable eyepieces•  Page 8

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