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MS1119Flinn Advanced Superior Compound MicroscopesSuperior optical quality with Plan eyepieces and Plan achromatic objectivesFlinn Advanced Superior Compound Microscopes are among the finest in optical quality. Excellent choice for biological and biomedical science programs. Choose between monocular or binocular. Binocular model includes a 100X oil immersion objective and interpupillary distance adjustment.•  With WF10X Plan eyepieces and Plan achromatic objec-tives, the entire field of view is in focus and finite color corrected. •  Coaxial focus knobs combine coarse and fine focus control for increased precision and ease of use. •  Large, high-quality graduated mechanical stage includes precise increments for measurement accuracy and preci-sion at all magnification levels. •  Adjustable LED rheostat, iris diaphragm and 1.25 N.A. ABBE condenser combine to produce superior contrast and resolution.•  Cool LED illumination produces even lighting and protects live specimens from heat.•  Safety rack stop prevents damage to slides and objectives.•  Tension adjustment eliminates stage drift and maintains movement of focus knobs.•  Slip clutch prevents damage to rack and pinion focusing system.•  Objectives and eyepieces are individually packaged in a dust-free environment to arrive clean and ready to install.•  Includes power supply, dust cover and immersion oil.• Five-year limited warrantyMS1126  I  Monocular    I  4X, 10X, 40X    I  $891.45MS1127  I  Binocular     I  4X, 10X, 40X, 100X  I  $1044.75Plan achromatic objectives5-Year WarrantyCoaxial focus knobs5MS1126 MS1127 

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