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Chemical Inventory Management System
   Flinn Online ChemventoryTM Chemical Inventory Management System
The Flinn Online ChemventoryTM is a cloud-based laboratory chemical inventory system that allows multiple users access to the database from multiple locations and multiple devices! Maintaining an accurate laboratory chemical inventory has never been easier, more flexible and convenient.
The Flinn Online ChemventoryTM program features:
Secure Cloud-Based Service
Flinn’s Online ChemventoryTM is a secure cloud-based service that can be accessed by any computer or tablet with an inter- net connection.
Multiple Users
Setup one database and invite other instructors, lab managers and/or administrators to view or update your ChemventoryTM database for no additional charge.
Print Chemical and Solution Labels
Print a chemical label for any chemical in your inventory or manually create a chemical label for any item not in your inventory. With Flinn Online ChemventoryTM you will have the ability to include GHS pictograms and hazard statements on labels for over 2,400 chemicals.
Link Databases
If you have multiple chemical store room locations
on campus, it may be more manageable to keep chemical inventory files in more than one ChemventoryTM database. Flinn has made it easy to set-up multiple databases and link access to users.
GHS Hazard Information Included
We have included GHS pictograms and hazard information with every chemical listed in our Online ChemventoryTM database. GHS pictograms and hazard statements can also be printed on chemical labels through the Online ChemventoryTM program.
Print Multiple SDS with One Click
Print all, some, or just one safety data sheet with one click.
Low Stock Notifications on Inventory Page
Set a minimum reorder amount of your chemicals. When your stock drops below that number, a notification will appear in your inventory list.
Affordable and Convenient Price Options
A one-time purchase gets you 1, 3 or 5 years of access to build, view and update your chemical inventory database.
SE2998 I 1-Year License I $99.00
SE2999 I 3-Year License I $199.00 SE3000 I 5-Year License I $349.00
FLINN SCIENTIFIC I CHEMISTRY Your Safer Source for Science

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