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Chemical Demonstrations: A Handbook for Teachers of Chemistry, Vol. 3

Author: Bassam Shakhashiri

Item #: AP1874

Price: $45.00

The Chemical Demonstrations Lab Manuals and Handbooks for chemistry present a comprehensive collection of classic chemical demonstrations. Each demonstration contains detailed information on required materials, procedure, hazard, disposal, and more!

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A comprehensive collection of classic chemical demonstrations! Each demonstration includes detailed information on materials required, procedure, hazards, disposal, detailed discussion, and references. The numbers in parentheses next to each topic shown below indicate the number of demonstrations included for that topic. These are remarkable books from a remarkable author. Index. Books vary in length from 290 to 401 pages. 8½" x 11", hard cover.


Total number of demonstrations per volume: 84. Subject Content (No. in parentheses indicates number of demonstrations in subject area): Acids and bases (32), Liquids, solutions and colloids (52).