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Chemistry is Everywhere - 5-Volume Book Set

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: AP9131

Price: $88.55

Chemistry is Everywhere Activity Lab Manual Book Set is a 5-volume set of unique real-world, hands-on activities to show that chemistry is, indeed, everywhere.

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Product Details

Use this 5-volume set of unique real-world, hands-on laboratory activities to show your students that chemistry is, indeed, everywhere! Each volume was developed, written, and tested by a partnership of high school science teachers and industrial chemists. Set includes one copy of each of these five activity books: • Science Fare—Chemistry at the Table, AP9126 • Strong Medicine—Chemistry at the Pharmacy, AP9127 • Dirt Alert—The Chemistry of Cleaning, AP9128 • Fat Chance—The Chemistry of Lipids, AP9129 • Chain Gang—The Chemistry of Polymers, AP9130. Each book is also sold separately. For more details on each book see that book's product listing. Grades 7-12. 1999, 76-188 pages,8½" x 11", spiral-bound.