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With Flinn's Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Set Chemistry of Gases, reach new heights studying the properties of gases and their behavior! Explore the characteristic physical and chemical properties of common gases in six videos.

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Reach new heights studying the properties of gases and explaining their behavior! Our incredible video series of tested and proven lab activities is now available on DVD! Experience the inspiration of being in a workshop classroom with fellow teachers as award-winning presenters perform each experiment or demonstration and explain its underlying design. Improve your motivation and confidence to make chemistry truly come alive in your classroom for all your students. Build your video library today! Handouts provided for all activities! There is also a complete bundled Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Set (Catalog No. AP7495) available that includes more than 75 hours of videos. All of the videos listed below are available on the Chemistry of Gases DVD set, which includes Properties of Gases and Gas Laws. More than 7 hours of total viewing on 6 disks! 48 total activities!Properties of Gases Explore the characteristic physical and chemical properties of common gases. 6 videos. Concepts: Density of gases, water displacement, physical and chemical properties, combustion reactions, mole ratios, water displacement, phase changes Video DescriptionProperties of Hydrogen What properties of hydrogen make it unique? How can hydrogen gas be prepared in the lab? 3 activities, 34 min. Hydrogen and Oxygen Explosions Compare and contrast oxygen and hydrogen mixtures. Show students that the optimum mole ratio makes all the difference! 3 activities, 26 min.Properties of Carbon Dioxide Prepare carbon dioxide and demonstrate its role as a product of combustion and respiration. 3 activities, 26 min. Dry Ice Demonstrations From making fog to "boiling in water," dry ice is used to create many special effects. Use it to teach some special chemistry as well! 3 activities, 42 min.Properties of Ammonia Show students the unique solubility properties of ammonia with these striking activities. 5 activities, 40 min. Flammability of Gases Explore the properties of natural gas and hydrocarbons. Exciting demonstrations illustrate important safety principles. 4 activities, 35 min.Gas Laws Investigate, apply, predict, and explain the relationships involving the pressure, volume, temperature, and number of moles of gas. 7 videos. Concepts: Pressure, volume, temperature, moles, atmospheric pressure, Bernoulli's principle, Boyle's law, Charle's law, density, solubility, kinetic-molecular theory Video DescriptionWhat is Pressure? "Pressure-packed" demonstrations show students that pressure is a remarkably strong force. 5 activities, 28 min. The Power of Pressure Powerful physical science demonstrations show that pressure is a force to be reckoned with! 5 activities, 35 min.Introduction to the Gas Laws Discover the gas laws and increase students' conceptual understanding of the behavior of gases based on observation and common, everyday examples. 2 activities, 37 min. Boyle's Law Investigate the relationships between the pressure and volume of a gas. 4 activities, 52 min.Kinetic-Molecular Theory and PTV Molecules are moving! This simple idea is the basis of the kinetic-molecular theory and our best model for explaining the pressure, temperature, and volume of gases. 4 activities, 55 min. Ideal Gas Law Applications Combining the gas laws give the ideal gas law, a powerful equation for determining the amount of gas, its density, and molar mass. 3 activities, 49 min.Diffusion of Gases Diffusion and its close cousin effusion provide fundamental evidence for the motion of molecules and kinetic-molecular theory. 3 activities, 31 min. The Chemistry of Gases DVD Set is one of ten different Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Sets! Click on the items below for more information about the other DVD sets.