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College Level Classic General Chemistry Laboratory 22-Kit Bundle

By: The Flinn Staff


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College Level Classic General Chemistry Lab Kits: 22-Kit Bundle is Flinn’s collection of 22 classic experiments for general chemistry and a comprehensive laboratory curriculum. The experiments cover foundational topics.

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Product Details

Flinn’s collection of 22 classic experiments for general chemistry is a comprehensive laboratory curriculum. The experiments cover foundational topics, such as stoichiometry, acid–base titrations, qualitative analysis and empirical formula determination, as well as more advanced topics, such as electrochemistry, thermodynamics, ester synthesis, kinetics and coordination chemistry.

Incorporate the experiment(s) into an existing curriculum or adopt the entire set as a new laboratory curriculum, for any size program. All kits include instructor’s notes and digital access to student procedures as well as the necessary chemicals, prepared solutions and custom supplies needed to carry out the experiment. The instructor’s notes provide real sample data, tips for running experiments successfully and answers to all prelab, in-lab and post-lab questions.

Cost-saving bundle includes all 22 Flinn College Level Classic General Chemistry Kits! Save money by purchasing the kits as a bundle rather than individually. All kits are complete for 24 students working in pairs. Comprehensive bundle includes the following laboratory kits:

  • AP7944 Acid–Base Titrations
  • AP7984 An Activity Series
  • AP7946 Analysis of Aluminum Potassium Sulfate
  • AP7947 Electrochemical Cells
  • AP7948 Molar Mass by Freezing Point Depression
  • AP7949 Gravimetric Analysis of a Metal Carbonate
  • AP7950 Selecting Indicators for Acid–Base Titrations
  • AP7951 Determination of Ka of Weak Acids
  • AP7952 The Determination of Keq for FeSCN2+
  • AP7953 Kinetics of a Reaction
  • AP7954 Kinetics of Redox Reaction
  • AP7955 Liquid Chromatography
  • AP7985 Determination of the Molar Masses of Gases and Volatile Liquids
  • AP7957 Determining the Molar Volume of a Gas
  • AP7958 Oxidation–Reduction Titrations
  • AP7959 pH Properties of Buffer Solutions
  • AP7960 Separation and Qualitative Determination of Cations and Anions
  • AP7961 Determination of the Empirical Formula of Silver Oxide
  • AP7962 Determining the Stoichiometry of Chemical Reactions
  • AP7963 Synthesis and Analysis of Coordination Compound
  • AP7964 Synthesis, Isolation and Purification of an Ester
  • AP7965 Thermodynamics—Enthalpy of Reaction and Hess’s Law