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Guppy Fish are a peaceful species that come in a large variation of color and color combination. Tropical fish are active, easy to care for and do well in community tanks.

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Most will thrive on a good quality flake food. To supplement the diets of herbivores and algae eaters, blanch (briefly submerge in boiling water) pieces of dark, leafy green vegetables (spinach, greens, lettuce) and place them in the tank; anchoring them with small rocks or pieces of gravel. During periods of severe cold weather, shipments of tropical fish may be delayed at our discretion. You will be notified and given a revised shipping date.

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Product Details

Common Guppy (Poecilia reticulata). Length 1½–2½". A peaceful species, well suited for the community aquarium. Large variation in color and color combinations. Easy to breed and good for younger students. Pkg. of 6. Not available to teachers in Utah and Hawaii. 

Item subject to availability.


Temperature: 58–90 °F 
pH range: 6.8–8.0.