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Item #: AP8907 

Price: $312.48

The Organic Chemistry Demonstration Scale Molecular Model Sets are the finest models available. These giant-sized molecular model sets are designed to illustrate fundamental organic chemistry. The models are easy to see, use and understand.

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Product Details

These giant-sized molecular model sets are the finest demonstration models available. The following sets are made up of durable 2"-diameter atom centers. Each ball is brilliantly finished for easy visibility and instant identification of the element it represents. Uniquely designed bond receptors allow the molecules to maintain structure while also allowing rotation of atoms around bonds. Two sets are available. Each set includes both rigid bonds and flexible bonds to allow the construction of double- and triple-bonded molecules. Each set also includes The Molecular Models User’s Guide—a 43-page illustrated guide.


The Deluxe Set not only differs from the Organic Set in the number of atoms, but it also offers a variety of valences for many of the types of atoms. Set includes 104 rigid bonds, 8 flexible bonds and 50 atom centers:
• 18 hydrogen (white)
• 16 carbon (black) 
• 3 chlorine (green)
• 3 nitrogen (blue) 
• 3 oxygen (red) 
• 2 bromine (brown)
• 2 iodine (orange)
• 1 sulfur (yellow)
• 1 tetrahedral metal (silver)
• 1 octahedral metal (silver)