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Item #: PF2251 

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In this two-part lab experience, students first build and test a wind turbine rotor that converts wind energy into electrical energy. In part II, students adjust their design to increase the power output.

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Product Details

Safety:Students should exercise caution when handling sharp bamboo skewers. Sandpaper may be used to smooth rough edges. Students should wear eye protection as rotor components may separate during testing. Remind students to never touch any bare wires in an electric circuit with a current. When preparing the rotor testing stations, exercise caution when heating the paperclip over a flame. Use tongs to hold the paperclip at the opposite end from the flame or wear heat resistant gloves.

Materials Included in Kit:

Bamboo skewers, 100
Cap, plastic, 2
Cardboard sheets, 8 ½″ × 8 ½″, 8
Cork, size 11, 30
DC motor, 1.5 V, 2
Sandpaper, 9 x 11”
Foam sheets, 8 ½″ × 5 ½″, 12
Manila folder, 4
Polystyrene sheets, 12″ × 12″, 4

Additional Materials Required:
Metric ruler
Tape or glue
Alligator cords, 4
Box or floor fan, 2
Clamp, 2
Metric ruler or meter stick, 2
Multimeter, 2
Support stand, 2
Timer or clock with second hand
Bunsen burner, butane safety lighter, or candle
Paper clip, large