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Electricity and Magnetism

Authors: Joel Beller and Kim Magliore

Item #: AP6338

Price: $26.75

Electricity and Magnetism Lab Activities and Experiments for physical science and physics contains 16 hands-on activities that investigate electricity and magnetism. Investgate static electricity, magnetic minerals, and more.

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Product Details

Hands-On Science Series- Physical Science Enhance your physical science laboratory with these engaging hands-on activities. Students' scientific inquiry, observation, and critical thinking skills will greatly improve as they learn about the natural forces around us. Student activity pages are reproducible for the entire class, and include insightful background information and follow-up questions. Teacher pages provide procedure tips, materials list, and grading assessment suggestions. All books conform to National Science Education Standards. Electricity and Magnetism Electricity and magnetism are investigated with 16 hands-on activities. Topics include static electricity, magnetic materials, compasses, simple circuits, fuses, conductors, insulators and semiconductors, thermocouples, electrochemical cells, solar cells, piezoelectricity, bioelectricity and electroplating. Revised edition, 2010,129 pages, soft cover.