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With Flinn's Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Set Energy and Thermodynamics, create new lessons with high-energy impact! Learn about fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence, and enjoy the light shows!

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Create new lessons with high-energy impact! Our incredible video series of tested and proven lab activities is now available on DVD! Experience the inspiration of being in a workshop classroom with fellow teachers as award-winning presenters perform each experiment or demonstration and explain its underlying design. Improve your motivation and confidence to make chemistry truly come alive in your classroom for all your students. Build your video library today! Handouts provided for all activities! All of the videos listed below are available on the Energy and Thermodynamics DVD set, which includes Let There Be Light and Heat, Energy, and Thermodynamics. More than 5 hours of total viewing on 5 disks! 37 total activities! Let There Be Light! Learn about fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence—and enjoy the light shows! 4 videos. Concepts: Chemical energy, energy of light, absorption and emission of light, quantum nature of light, electromagnetic spectrum, fluorescence and phosphorescence, chemiluminescence, electron energy levels, oxidation and reduction, catalysis Video Description Chemiluminecence Conversion of chemical energy to light energy in the oxidation of luminol produces light and some really popular demonstrations. 4 activities, 33 min. Fluorescence Investigate fluorescent materials that appear as one color in visible light but a different, brightly glowing color in ultraviolet light. 4 activities, 40 min. Phosphorescence Investigate the relationship between the absorption of light energy and the wavelength or frequency of light. 2 activities, 26 min. Day in the Dark Demonstrations Our presenter shares an unforgettable lesson plan for fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence. 54 min. Heat, Energy, and Thermodynamics Many essential applications of chemistry depend on the transfer of heat and energy accompanying physical and chemical changes. 6 videos. Concepts: Temperature and heat, conservation of energy, specific heat, phase changes, exothermic and endothermic reactions, calorimetry, heat of reactions, thermal activities Video DescriptionTemperature and Heat Show students that the difference between temperature and heat is a key concept in thermochemistry. 4 activities, 40 min.Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Some reactions require heat in order to proceed, while others release heat. Compare and contrast the heat changes that take place during physical and chemical changes. 5 activities, 46 min. Calorimetry Measure the temperature difference and determine the amount of heat transfer in a reaction using calorimetry. 3 activities, 35 min.Conservation of Energy Explain that the conservation of energy is a fundamental law because it fundamentally describes what we observe and measure in nature! 5 activities, 24 min. Energy in Combustion Reactions Combustion reactions provide the energy for all aspects of our daily lives, from heating our homes to driving our cars. Explore what can you do with all that energy. 5 activities, 42 min. Enthalpy, Entropy, and Free Energy Enthalpy, entropy, and free energy help you explain and predict why chemical reactions or physical processes occur. 4 activities, 47 min. The Energy and Thermodynamics DVD Set is one of ten different Teaching Chemistry Video Series DVD Sets! Click on the items below for more information about the other DVD sets.