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In this lab experience, students research the cost and benefits associated with adoption of sustainable energy sources in a real-world scenario. Students must use their research to recommend what they think would work best for a specific community and why.

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Product Details

Safety:Before conducting the lab, discuss any safety precautions that are specific to your science laboratory or classroom. Students should wear eye protection because wind rotor components may separate during testing. Remind students that they should never touch any bare wires in an electric circuit with a current. Exercise caution working with neodymium magnets—they are very powerful, and will snap together easily. Wear gloves to protect your fingers during the preparation. The magnets are fragile and may shatter if dropped or if they hit another object too hard. Keep magnets away from electronic devices especially computers. Remind students to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before leaving the laboratory.

Materials Included in Kit:

Bamboo skewers, 100
Cap, plastic, 2
Cardboard bases, 4 ¼″ × 5 ½″, 2
Cardboard sheets, 8 ½″ × 8 ½″, 8
Cardboard tubes, 2
Cork, size 11, 30
Corks, size #14, 2
Dowel rods, wood, 4
Foam bases, 14″ × 5″ × 1″, 2
Foam sheets, 8 ½″ × 5 ½″, 12
Iron nails, 2
LEDs, red, 4
Magnet wire, 30 gauge, 200 feet, 2 spools
Pipets, 6
Sandpaper, 9 x 11”, 2
Stopper, rubber, size #6, 2
Straws, 2
Weighing dishes, 10

Binder clips, medium size, 4
DC motor, 1.5 V, 2
DC Motors, without alligator clips, 2
Gear sets, 2
Neodymium magnet, 4

Additional Materials Required:
Bunsen burner, butane safety lighter, or candle
Duct tape
Glue gun and glue sticks
Hammer or rubber mallet (may be necessary for solar car prep)
Paper clip, large
Tape or glue
Alligator cords, 4
Box or floor fan, 2
Clamp, 2
Metric ruler or meter stick, 2
Multimeter, 2
Support stand, 2
Timer or clock with second hand
Wire stripper