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Use dyes to identify unknown pieces of fabric from eight possibilities.

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This complete kit allows a class of 15 pairs of students to use dyes to identify unknown pieces of fabric from eight possibilities, as well as to investigate the best fabrics to dye using powdered drink mix. The kit consists of instructions, five feet of Multi-Fiber Ribbon, two Multi-Fiber Dye pellets, three packages of powdered drink mix, and enough material to make 60 unknown fabric samples.


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Multi-Fiber Ribbon
This white ribbon consists of eight different fiber strips (cotton, nylon, silk, wool, etc.), woven together into a single ribbon. It can be used to test different commercial dyes such as Rit and Kool-Aid, as well as natural dyes such as goldenrod and grape juice. Soak a piece of Multi-Fiber Ribbon in a colored dye and note how each of the fabrics is stained differently. Use a strip of the ribbon as a "known" to identify a piece of unknown fabric. 4.5" wide (approx. 11 cm) by one yard long. One yard may be cut into over 60 test strips! Note: If you've used our Multi-Fiber Ribbon prior to the summer of 2015, this ribbon will have a different selection of fabrics. See the enclosed lesson guide for details.


Multi-Fiber Unknowns
This package consists of eight pieces of fabric, each represented in the Multi-Fiber Ribbon. The pieces of cloth, approximately 4" x 12" each can be cut into more than 200 samples of cloth for the students to identify using the multi-fiber dye (SM-6B).