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Do you ever wish you had more time to spend on labs, that your students could be more independent in their progress through experimental procedures and that labs better connected to the things students experience in their lives? Flinn’s 16 blended learning solution kits for chemistry address these questions by thoughtfully combining hands-on chemistry with digital enhancements.

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Product Details

Flinn blended Learning Solution Kits include experiment supplies and 1 year of digital content access for 30 users. Digital features include:
  • Anytime, anywhere digital access to prelab, technique and summary videos that help students focus on understanding core chemical concepts and progress through experiments independently.
  • Digital procedures optimized to work, with embedded assessments and real sample data and enough materials for 24–30 students working in small groups to complete each experiment.
  • Unique takes on core chemistry concepts and clear connections to the things students experience in their everyday lives.
  • Virtual reality simulations that place students “inside the beaker” to connect the atomic and macroscopic scales and browser-based simulations that allow students to generate digital emission spectra and pH indicator tables.
  • Built-in safety training—videos and assessments on prelab safety, proper PPE, safety equipment, procedure safety, chemical disposal, hazard recognition and emergency response.

These time- and cost-saving bundles include the following blended learning solutions from Flinn:

  • Explore Bonding Basics with Graphite Circuits
  • Explore Intermolecular Forces with Lava Lamps & Candy Light and Energy
  • Explore Stoichiometry with Solids, Solutions and Gases
  • Exploring Atomic and Electron Structure with Light
  • Exploring Kinetics with Galvanized Coatings
  • The Hunt for Phlogiston: Applying the Scientific Method
  • Introduction to Chemical Reactions
  • Introduction to pH Scale and Indicators
  • Liquid Crystals: The Fourth State of Matter
  • Make Your Own Tiny Battery
  • Manipulating Equilibria to Determine Sulfites in Grape Juice
  • Polymers and Conductivity
  • The Redox Chemistry of Iron
  • Solutions, Suspensions, Colloids and Nanoparticles
  • Uncooking an Egg: Reversing an Irreversible Reaction


Platinum Bundle (16 kits + 3 years of digital content)