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Item #: C0367 

Price: $13.44

for carbon residues, specifically for hard-to-handle baked or heated on blackened residues (e.g., porcelain crucibles)

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Hazard Alert

Contains a very strong base. Wear gloves, chemical splash goggles and other protective gear that is normally used in handling a very strong base.

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

Product Details

Inorganic #4. If cleaner liquefies upon storage (especially under hot and humid conditions), place the container in a refrigerator for a few hours. The material will return to its “toothpastelike” consistency.
Shelf Life:
Good if stored safely.
Technical Note:
Avoid prolonged contact with glassware. The solution will etch glassware after prolonged exposure. This cleaning liquid is specifically designed for carbonaceous residue. There are some residues that resist all cleaners. If this cleaner does not remove the residue, it cannot be removed.