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Forensic Science, the Basics

Authors: Jay A. Siegel and Kathy Mirakovits

Item #: AP7544 

Price: $124.70

Forensic Science, the Basics is an excellent resource to plan forensic science curriculum and lessons and is a pedagogical book arranged in six parts.

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Product Details

An excellent resource to plan forensic science curriculum and lessons! Pedagogical book is arranged in six parts (with each part containing one to six chapters):
• Forensic Science and Investigation
• Tools of the Trade
• Patterns and Impressions
 Forensic Biology
 Forensic Chemistry
• Legal Aspects of Forensic Science

Includes more than 250 color images, review questions, figures, case studies, a glossary and list of acronyms, websites with free videos and demonstrations. Some chapters also include hands-on activities! Each chapter has a list of learning objectives, a glossary of terms, a section for each concept covered, a summary, test and review questions, and further reading suggestions. A valuable resource for every forensic science classroom! Third edition, index, 610 pages, 8¾" × 11¼", hard cover.