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Frog Anatomy Chart

Item #: FB1456

Price: $91.65

Frog Anatomy Chart for biology and life science features vivid four-color drawings of a large dissected male frog with all the parts clearly labeled. Chart measures 44" X 36".

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Product Details

Whether you conduct a frog dissection or only study frog anatomy, you will definitely want this detailed frog anatomy chart in your room. This chart features a large dissected male frog with all parts clearly labeled. The vivid four-color drawings also feature the action of the tongue, anatomy of the mouth, a ventral view of the brain, a dorsal view of the central nervous system, and the female urogenital system.The chart measures 44"x 36", has reinforced aluminum rails top and bottom, built-in hangers, and is printed on tear-proof, non-yellowing synthetic stock.