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Frog Eggs, Live, Pkg. of 100

Item #: LM1194

Price: $33.55

With Frog Eggs, witness the metamorphosis of developing frogs-always a fascinating and memorable experience. Various species.

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Maintenance Alert

Being successful in raising tadpoles is mostly dependent upon water quality. The key to success is clean water. Continually change one-half of the water in the aquarium at least once a week. (Use fresh aged water - never use distilled water or tap water.) Change the water more often if the water becomes cloudy and as the tadpoles get larger. (At least one pint of water per tadpole.) Aerate the water if possible. Do not feed tadpoles until mouth parts have developed - they have a built-in food source in the yolk sac. When they develop legs they will need an object for crawling out of the water - floating logs, rock out-croppings, etc.

This item can only be shipped to schools, museums and science centers

Product Details

A frog egg mass with approximately 100 viable eggs. Students will have the opportunity to witness the metamorphosis of developing frogs—always a fascinating and memorable experience. A state permit is required to ship to Utah and Arizona. Not available for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Only available November–March.