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Fungal Cultures, Penicillium chrysogenum

by Flinn Scientific

Item #: LM1020

Price: $11.10

Penicillium chrysogenum Fungus Culture for microbiology studies is ascomycete and is a blue mold on cheese and fruit. Producer of penicillin.

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Product Details

Penicillium chrysogenum. Ascomycete. Blue mold on cheese and fruit. Producer of penicillin. Maintenance requirements for fungal cultures are similar to those for bacterial cultures. Fungal culture media are typically more acidic and higher in carbohydrates than bacterial media. Allow 5 days for delivery of fungal cultures. Large orders (5 or more) of the same type may require a few extra days.


Incubation temperature: 25 ºC. Potato dextrose agar.