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In the Genetics of Organisms Laboratory Kit for Classic AP* Biology Lab 7, perform and test crosses of mutant strains, make daily observations, and compile data. Refill is available.

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Living Drosophila provide a dynamic genetic learning experience in this month-long lab activity. Students become working scientists as they culture, perform test crosses of mutant strains, and then make daily observations and compile data. They then verify their “null” hypothesis using chi-square statistical methods. Anesthetizing with Lull-a-Fly™ (provided) ensures that students have plenty of hands-on time to sort the fruit flies and return them to secure culture vials before their data flies away.Drosophila cultures should be ordered separately to arrive two weeks prior to the scheduled use date. For convenience, the recommended strains are listed below; for a complete listing see the Drosophila section of this Catalog/Reference Manual. Enough materials needed to culture and maintain multiple mutations for several weeks are provided. Wild-type and mutant Drosophila are required but not included in the kit. Allow 2 weeks for delivery of Drosophila. Materials: 70% Isopropyl alcohol* Camel hair brushes Culture vials Flinn Drosophila guide Foam-tipped applicators* Instant Drosophila Medium* Lull-a-Fly solution* Morgues Vial netting Vial plugs* Denotes items included with refill kit


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