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Study the microscopic anatomy (or microanatomy) of animal cells, systems, organs and tissues with vertebrate histology slide sets for biology. 

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Study the microscopic anatomy (or microanatomy) of animal cells, systems, organs and tissues with vertebrate histology slide sets. Slide sets include non-mammal vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds) and mammals. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Histology of Mammalia Supplementary Slide Set includes 50 microscope slides:
• Adrenal (suprarenal) gland of rabbit, t.s.
• Bone development, l.s. of fetal finger
• Brain of mouse, entire organ l.s.
• Cerebellum, t.s. silver stained for Purkinje cells
• Ciliated epithelium of mammal
• Cochlea (internal ear) of Guinea pig, l.s. shows organ of Corti
• Columnar epithelium of mammal
• Elastic cartilage, sec. stained for elastic fibers
• Epididymis of rabbit, t.s.
• Epiphysis (pineal body) of cow or pig, t.s.
• Esophagus of rabbit, t.s.
• Eye of cat, anterior part with cornea t.s.
• Eye of cat, posterior part with retina t.s.
• Fallopian tube of pig, t.s.
• Gall bladder of rabbit, t.s.
• Heart of mouse, sagittal l.s.
• Heart muscle of cat, l.s. and t.s.
• Hypophysis (pituitary body) of cow or pig, l.s.
• Kidney t.s., vital stained with trypan blue showing storage
• Large intestine (colon) of rabbit, t.s.
• Lymph gland of cat or rabbit, t.s.
• Mammary gland of cow, t.s.
• Mucous tissue, t.s. of navel string
• Nail development of embryo, sagittal l.s.
• Olfactory region of dog or rabbit, t.s.
• Ovary with corpus luteum t.s.
• Parotid gland of cat, t.s.
• Penis of rabbit, t.s.
• Peripheral nerve of cat or rabbit, l.s.
• Placenta of rabbit, t.s.
• Prostate gland of pig, t.s.
• Red bone marrow of cow, sec. or smear
• Scalp, human, t.s. of hair follicles
• Skin of human palm, t.s.
• Sperm smear of bull
• Spleen of cat, t.s.
• Striated muscle of cat, t.s.
• Sympathetic ganglion, t.s. multipolar nerve cells
• Taste buds in tongue of rabbit (Papilla foliata), t.s.
• Thymus gland of cow, t.s. with Hassall bodies
• Thyroid gland of cow, t.s.
• Tooth, t.s. through root or crown
• Trachea of rabbit, t.s.
• Ureter of rabbit, t.s.
• Urinary bladder of rabbit, t.s.
• Uterus of rabbit, t.s.
• Uterus of rat, containing embryo t.s.
• Vagina of rabbit, t.s.
• Vermiform appendix of rabbit, t.s.
• White fibrous tissue, l.s. of tendon of cow