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Hot Wax—Chemical Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP6887

Price: $20.55

With the Hot Wax Chemical Demonstration Kit, students find out how much heat is released when melted wax solidifies. This three-part yet economical demo will “solidify” the concept of phase changes and related energy changes for students.

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Product Details

Have you ever had melted wax drip on you? It’s hot! When melted wax solidifies, enough heat may be released to cause severe skin burns. Find out how much heat is released when melted wax solidifies with this three-part demonstration. Measure the temperature of “hot wax” as it cools, graph the cooling curve data to estimate the melting point, and then do a simple calorimetry test to calculate the heat of fusion of paraffin. The idea that a liquid releases heat when it solidifies is not obvious—this economical demonstration will really “solidify” the concept of phase changes and their related energy changes for your students!

Concepts: Phase changes, heat of fusion, calorimetry.
Time Required: 20 minutes
Materials Provided: Paraffin wax, borosilicate test tubes, polystyrene cups, boiling stones.