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In this lab experience, students carry out an investigation to determine how much heat energy is released during the combustion of magnesium in air. They apply Hess’s Law as an indirect method to determine the heat of combustion of magnesium from the heat of reaction of less hazardous reactions that also involve this metal. The enthalpy of formation of MgO results from combining the enthalpies of reaction between Mg and HCl and between MgO and HCl. The enthalpy of formation of MgO has a negative sign, indicating that this is an exothermic reaction.

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Product Details

Safety: Before conducting the lab, review the safety precautions on the student page with the class. Then discuss any safety precautions that are specific to your science laboratory or classroom. Hydrochloric acid is toxic by ingestion and corrosive to skin and eyes. Magnesium metal is a flammable solid; keep it away from flames.

Materials Included in Kit

Hydrochloric acid, 1 M, 800 mL
Magnesium ribbon, 3 feet
Magnesium oxide, 10 g
Weighing dishes, 20

Calorimeters, small scale, 10

Additional Materials Required
Bottles, Washing, Polyethylene, 250-mL, 10
Cylinder, Borosilicate Glass, 50 mL, 10
Flexible Rulers with English/Metric, Clear, 10
Flinn Digital Thermometer, 10
Flinn Scientific Electronic Balance, 410 x 0.01-g, 10
Forceps, 10
Scissors, 10
Spatulas, Disposable, Box of 300, 1
Stirring Rods, Glass, 10