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Item #: PF2041 

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In this lab experience, students carry out an investigation to determine how a mole can be used to describe solution concentrations. Students come to understand that as the amount of solute dissolved in a fixed amount of solvent increases, solution concentration as described by the quantity, molarity, also increases. Students learn that in colorful solutions it is easy to differentiate based on concentration. Students learn about the mole-based calculation needed to prepare solutions, and also about the appropriate procedures and glassware for preparing solutions with accurate concentrations.

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Product Details

Safety: Remind students that copper(II) sulfate is moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation and is a skin and respiratory irritant, and to wear chemical splash goggles, chemical-resistant gloves, and a chemical-resistant apron. Please review current Safety Data Sheets for additional safety, handling, and disposal information. Students should wash hands prior to leaving the lab.

Materials Included in Kit

Copper(II) sulfate, 600 g
Pipets, 40
Weighing dishes, 20

Additional Materials Required
Beakers, Borosilicate Glass, 250-mL, 10
Bottles, Washing, Polyethylene, 250-mL, 10
Flask, Volumetric, Borosilicate Glass, 100 mL, 20
Flinn Scientific Electronic Balance, 210 x 0.01-g, 10
Funnel, Utility, Polyethylene, 2¾", 10
Spatulas, Disposable, Box of 300, 1
Wax Pencil Set, Heat Resistant, 4