Laboratory Solutions Station



Acid labels sheet, 2*
Base labels sheet*
Blank labels sheet*
Label pouches, 2*
Pipets, Beral-type, 2
Reagent bottle holder*
Test tubes, 100 mm x 13 mm, 2
Velcro® tab with hooks, 6*
Velcro® tab with loops, 6*
*Materials included in kit. 

Safety Precautions

The Laboratory Solutions Station apparatus is nonhazardous. The materials used in conjunction with the Laboratory Solutions Station; however, are extremely hazardous. Wear chemical splash goggles and chemical-resistant gloves and apron. Remind students to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before leaving the laboratory. Please review current Safety Data Sheets for additional safety, handling and disposal information.


The Laboratory Solutions Station itself may be used many times. Please consult your current Flinn Scientific Catalog/Reference Manual for proper disposal procedures of all chemicals used in conjunction with the Laboratory Solutions Station.


  1. Obtain one plastic label pouch and orient with open end down.
  2. Remove the backing from one Velcro tab with loops and place it in the upper left corner of the plastic label pouch.
  3. Remove the backing from another Velcro tab with loops and place it in the upper right corner of the plastic label pouch.
  4. Now, stick one Velcro tab with hooks (hook side) to each of the Velcro tabs with loops.
  5. Remove the backing from each of the Velcro tabs with hooks.
  6. Center the plastic label pouch, with opening down, on the front of the left reagent bottle well (larger of the two wells). The adhesive side of the Velcro tabs should be facing the reagent bottle well.
  7. Press firmly for 15 seconds to affix the Velcro tabs to the PVC reagent bottle well.
  8. Repeat steps 1–7 with the reagent bottle well on the right side of the reagent bottle holder.
  9. Cut out each label from the four label sheets provided.
  10. Remove the plastic label pouch from either reagent bottle well.
  11. Insert a pre-made label in the plastic label pouch that corresponds with the name and molarity of the substance to be used in the laboratory investigation.
  12. If a pre-made label is not appropriate or available, use a blank label and write in the correct information.
  13. Reaffix the plastic label pouch to the reagent bottle well.
  14. Repeat steps 10–13 with the remaining plastic label pouch.
  15. Store remaining labels in a safe place for future use.
  16. Insert a test tube in each of the smaller wells, on either side of the reagent bottle wells.
  17. Insert a pipette in each test tube for use in dispensing the reagent from the closest reagent bottle (see Figure 1).
  18. Insert a reagent bottle (500 mL or less) in each of the corresponding reagent bottle wells (see Figure 1).


Special thanks to Bill Byrd, Franklin Central High School, Indianapolis, IN, for sharing this idea with Flinn Scientific, Inc.

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