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Item #: AP5120

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Hexagonal Landform Model Set for Earth science and geology contains eight plastic landform pieces and each section represents one type ofterrain. Colorful pieces all fit together to make a big and impressive hexagon model.

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Product Details

Give your students the opportunity to experience the terrain with these eight plastic landform pieces. Each section represents one type of terrain-coastal plain, canyon, fault block mountains, folded mountains, coastline, glaciers, and a two-piece volcano. The colorful pieces all fit together to make a big and impressive hexagon-shaped model which may be viewed on a study table or mounted on a wall. The model set details 139 landscape features-each is numbered, corresponds to an identification key in the study guide, and may be used for testing purposes. Students discover relationships between geographic and geologic features, and gain appreciation for the tremendous forces both below and on the Earth's surface. Set also contains a 20-page student lab investigation booklet containing activities and thought-provoking questions and a 28-page teacher lesson plan booklet containing feature descriptions and answers to all student questions. Set contains eight molded plastic models. Size each: 17"L x 111/2"W x 1"H.