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Comprehensive, Blended Learning

Flinn’s new customizable 360Science™ lab learning solutions surround teachers with all they need to incorporate more hands-on learning into the classroom or lab with a unique combination of differentiated digital and hands-on lab experiences.

Making the Most of Lab Time

360Science™ labs solve the common challenges—time constraints, differentiated instruction, proper safety techniques, having appropriate background, assessments and more—that educators face when bringing hands-on science to their students.

Differentiated, Leveled, Adaptable Labs

360Science™ labs provide ultimate flexibility. Every lab solution offers a collection of leveled instructions with short, guided, open and advanced inquiry labs—enabling you to select the best fit for your students. Also, select kits include Engineering Design Challenges* to help you better meet NGSS. Our editable, digital instructions allow you to further modify the labs to perfectly fit your lesson plan. Our instructive videos can help prepare students for lab ahead of time or enhance their understanding and experience.

Differentiated Levels
Short, guided, open and advanced lab options provide students the right amount of challenge.
Adaptable Instructions
Editable, digital instructions allow you to further modify a lab as needed for a perfect fit.
Simulation Exercises
Unique simulations give students familiarity with the experiment increasing lab confidence.
Virtual Reality
 Virtual reality (VR) clips let students experience what it’s like to be “inside the experiment.”