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Are you finding it hard to work labs into your curriculum? Our new, comprehensive lab learning solutions are designed to give you all the tools you need to incorporate more hands-on learning in your classroom or lab. Every 360Science™ lab solves the most common challenges educators face in bringing more hands-on science to their students—from not having enough time to matching the right level of challenge for students' abilities to providing appropriate background content, safety techniques, assessments and more.

Introductory, technique and summary videos help you prepare students and make the most of precious lab time. This perfect blend of digital content paired with top-notch lab experiences make these solutions ideal for both a traditional or a flipped classroom model.

Whether you are short on time, or simply like to adapt a lab to make it your own, we're giving you the flexibility you need with an experience designed to bring out the best in your students:

  • Enable student-driven, blended learning through a unique combination of digital learning and hands-on labs that allows you to differentiate instruction based on student mastery levels.
  • Choose the best fit for your students from a unique combination of leveled lab instructions supporting prescriptive, guided inquiry and open inquiry lab exercises available in every lab solution kit.
  • Select a long or short, prescriptive lab exercise depending on your available lab time, or have your students watch our instructive videos to prepare ahead and be ready for their lab as soon class starts.
  • Utilize our editable, digital instructions to further modify labs to perfectly fit your lesson plan.
  • Engage your students with robust digital content, such as assessments, videos and Virtual Reality (VR) and simulation exercises.
  • Provide each student with our online safety course (included) to ensure that proper lab protocol is being followed.
  • View our alignments to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for every lab solution.
Introductory, Technique and Summary videos help maximize precious lab time.
Unique Virtual Reality (VR) simulations let students get inside the experiment.
End-of-unit assessments (aligned to SEPs) help you determine student mastery.

----------   Combustion - Matter, Energy and Change Kits  ----------

Measure Energy in Combustion Reactions Measure Energy Flow in Chemical Reactions Conservation of Mass in Chemical Reactions
Energy Densities of Organic Fuels Matter Transformation in Combustion  

----------   Energy Transfer and Conservation Kits  ----------

Electricity and Wind Energy Thermal Energy and Heat Transfer Energy Efficient Cookware
Introduction to Electromagnetism Evaluate the Thermal Equilibrium of Metals   

----------   Earths Interior Kits  ----------

Observe Convection Currents  The Rise and Fall of Pangaea Construct Fault Models

----------   Atomic Structure Kits  ----------

Evaluate Atomic Structure with Flame Tests Bean Bag Isotopes Evaluate the Bohr Model of the Atom
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Evaluate Atomic Spectra Model Electron Configuration

----------   Periodic Table Kits  ----------

Gravimetric Analysis of Periodic Trends Elemental Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
Develop a Periodic Table Periodic Trends and Properties

----------   Chemical Bonding Kits  ----------

Qualitative Analysis and Chemical Bonding Investigate Metallic Compounds Chemical Names and Formulas
Characteristics of Ionic Bonds Investigate Covalent Bonds Evaluate Metals for a Commercial Application
  Intermolecular Forces   

----------   Material Properties and Bond Type Kits  ----------

Correlate Material Properties with Bond Type Melt Ionic and Covalent Compounds
Measure the Energy of a Phase Change Modeling Metals, Ceramics, and Polymers

----------   Chemical Reactions Kits  ----------

Evaluate Chemical Reactions Types of Chemical Reactions

----------   Stoichiometry Kits  ----------

The Stoichiometry of Filling a Balloon Determination of Reaction Output Build a Film Rocket Canister
Identify Unknowns Through Stoichiometry Formation of Barium Iodate  

----------   Thermochemistry Kits  ----------

Enthalpy of a Neutralization Reaction Hess's Law and the Combustion of a Metal
The Thermodynamics of Hand Warmers  The Heat of Melting Ice

----------   Weather and Climate Kits  ----------

The Formation of Soil Albedo and Composition of Earth's Surface  How Sunscreen Protects Us From Radiation 

----------   Global Climate Change Kits  ----------

Carbon Dioxide and the Atmosphere Solar Cell Technology