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Study the diversity of flowering plants with the angiospermae microscope slide sets for botany and biology.

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Study the structures of flowering plants with the angiospermae microscope slide sets. The most diverse and dominant group of land plants, angiosperms feature distinguishing characteristics, such as flowers, endosperm within the seeds and fruit production. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Leaves of Angiospermae Slide Set includes 15 microscope slides:

  • Aesculus hippocastanum, t.s. of leaf bud showing bud squama and embedded folded leaves
  • Calluna, ling, t.s. of rolled leaf showing sunken stomata
  • Drosera, sundew, w.m. of leaf to show glandular hairs
  • Elodea, med. l.s. of stem tip showing apical meristem and origin of leaves
  • Elodea, t.s. of leaf showing the simple structure of an aquatic leaf
  • Eucalyptus, a bifacial foliage leaf with schizogenous oil glands t.s.
  • Fagus, beech, t.s. of sun and shade leaves on one slide
  • Ficus elastica, rubber plant, t.s. of leaf showing cystoliths
  • Iris, typical monocot isobilateral leaf, t.s.
  • Leaves, monocot and dicot, Zea and Ranunculus, t.s.
  • Nepenthes, t.s. of pitcher with glands
  • Nerium oleander, t.s. of leaf showing thick three layered epidermis, several palisade layers and sunken stomatal pits lined with protective epidermal hairs
  • Syringa, lilac, t.s. of typical dicot leaf showing numerous stomata, palisade layer and parenchyma
  • Tulipa, tulip, epidermis w.m. showing many stomata, doubly stained
  • Utricularia, bladderwort, w.m. of bladder