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Liquid Accelerometer—Demonstration Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

Item #: AP6465

Price: $88.25

Liquid Accelerometer Demonstration Kit for physical science and physics is a simple device that helps students visualize mathematical predictions about circular acceleration.

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Product Details

This simple device will help your students visualize their mathematical predictions about circular acceleration. Just spin the apparatus and watch the flat water surface change into a predictable parabolic curve. The speed of the spinning will change the shape of the parabolic curve.To operate, simply place water in the chamber, add a little food coloring for effect, spin the device and watch the flat surface turn into a parabola. The device can be spun by hand or with a rotator if one is available.

Concepts: Uniform circular motion, centripetal force.
Time Required: 10 minutes
Materials Provided: Durable and reusable liquid accelerometer apparatus.