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Item #: AP9492

Price: $59.65

MicroPette™ Fixed Volume Single-Channel micropipettes are half-autoclavable with a comfortable ergonomic design. Twelve sizes are available.

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Product Details

MicroPette™ micropipettes are half-autoclavable to provide easy cleaning and reduce the risk of contamination.

Features include:
• Ergonomic design with a comfortable finger support
• Easy-to-read volume display
• Low-force tip ejector
• Simple calibration and maintenance
• Manufactured from innovative, chemical-resistant materials
• Each MicroPette™ is supplied with an individual calibration certificate.
• Steam autoclaving can be performed at 121 °C for 20 minutes for the lower part of unit. After autoclaving, allow micropipette to cool, and leave to dry for 12 hours before reattaching it for use. It is recommended to grease and seal pipette piston after every 10th autoclaving to ensure performance.