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Nature’s Building Blocks—An A–Z Guide to the Elements

Author: John Emsley

Item #: AP6347

Price: $45.75

Nature’s Building Blocks: An A–Z Guide to the Elements chemistry resource book is the most comprehensive reference guide to the elements available and a must-have for every chemistry teacher.

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Product Details

The most comprehensive reference guide to the elements available—a must-have for every chemistry teacher! Learn the history, physical and chemical properties, uses and misuses, health issues, roles in the human body and in the environment, and the economic value of 115 currently known elements. Each element description ends with an enlightening “Element of Surprise” section that presents an interesting aspect of the element’s historical or technological significance. An outstanding resource! Easy to read or browse. The elements are arranged alphabetically from actinium to zirconium. Includes an article on the development of the Periodic Table and a table listing the discovery of the elements in chronological order. 2nd edition, 539 pages, 6" × 9", soft cover.