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Item #: M-187 

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The best price on Neodymium Magnets that we have found!

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Product Details

A great deal on great magnets. These neodymium ring magnets are .711" OD x .125" thick, .375" ID (17 mm OD x 3 mm thick, 10 mm ID). Great for doing magnetic levitation, making magnet structures or just making absolutely sure that your shopping list will stay on your refrigerator... during an earthquake. Each package contains twenty-five of these amazing magnets.


Note: All Rare Earth magnets, such as neodymium magnets, are made of a ceramic and can be brittle. They are extremely strong magnetically must be handled with caution to avoid damage to the magnets and/or injury. Fingers can be pinched between attracting magnets and magnets can chip or break if allowed to "jump" at an attracting surface or another magnet. Close adult supervision is required.