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NeuLog Viewer Graphic Color Display Module

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NeuLog Viewer Graphic Color Display Module lets you display measurements in both digital and graphic form. Comes complete with user-friendly design and color graphic display.

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Product Details

The NeuLog fully autonomous logger sensors will meet all of your classroom needs while saving space in your budget! NeuLog is a set of independent computer-based modules, complete with a data logger, flash memory and a sensor—all in one single smart unit. They are easy to use and require no calibration or setup time. Designed with a plug-and-play concept in mind, NeuLog sensors will deliver accurate and reliable readings as soon as you are connected, with no need for expensive hardware hubs.

Features include:

  • Converts the measured parameters into processed value.
  • Stores up to 5 experiments in the flash memory.
  • Sends the data in digital form to a viewer unit, PC or tablet.
  • Easily calibrates by one push of a button.
  • Uses software to change ranges and gains.
  • Able to upload saved experiments to a PC at any time.
  • Has the most intuitive, rich and friendly NeuLog software and applications for browsers, including On-Line mode, Off-Line mode, tables, graphs, data analysis, double axis setup, statistic operations, mathematical operations.
The sensors are truly flexible and work with PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones. The NeuLog software is browser-based and will work with any hardware and software of the future with no need for upgrades or extra purchases. NeuLog allows for 1 to 10 sensors per experiment so you can comprehensively track all important variables in your setup!


Display measurements in both digital and graphic form with the one-of-a-kind NeuLog Viewer Graphic Color Display Module. Use this module with up to five other NeuLog sensors to work cohesively with other teammates! Comes complete with user-friendly design and color graphic display with resistive touchscreen technology that allows students to operate the screen even while wearing gloves! Features include automatic recognition and communication with other sensors, internal charging circuit, automatic power-off for longer battery life and mode to view sensor values in real time.